Welcome to Regal Doll Carriages

Regal Doll Carriages is delighted to welcome you to its new online site where you will see a very fine range of beautiful, hand crafted wicker and timber doll carriages, buggies, strollers and prams, doll beds and doll accessories.

At Regal Doll Carriages we produce our wicker and timber doll carriages, buggies, strollers,  and prams, doll beds  and doll accessories, by hand – crafted by experienced and dedicated craftsmen and women. We use only the best wicker available which is then woven into the beautiful forms and shapes that you will see on this website. Our timber items are also handcrafted in a careful, loving manner to exacting specifications. Regal Doll Carriages sells to the retail sector and prices and the detailed product area in this website are only available to retailers who have applied for and  have received a username and password from us for access.

All of our products have been tested by a laboratory against the most stringent international standards, including the toy standards for children, and they have been found to be completely safe for use by children over 3 years.

We will ship these products from our USA, Californian based warehouse to anywhere in the USA and Canada.

All sales will be invoiced in $US.

We hope this website will make our products more readily available to everyone.

Are you a retailer and want to inquire about our products?
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